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Fabio Gualdo
22 November 2019

Nowadays, thanks to the knowledge and expertise in state-of-the-art additive manufacturing technologies like fused deposition modelling (FDM), manufacturers can develop high-performance solutions.

One outstanding example is Genesis Systems Group, specialist manufacturer of robotic systems for welding and water-jet cutting.

The company needed to develop more high-performance positioning systems, so the technical staff decided to revolutionise their conventional approach to building components and try out the FDM process, using ULTEM 9085 to create their complex monolithic parts.

It was a success, bringing together the elements which help them reach their set project targets. These elements are:

·       Professional additive manufacturing systems

·       High-performance materials

·       Knowledge of the FDM technology

In the past, the company used to build their metal parts using conventional technologies and lead time was about 20 days. Today, thanks to the new solutions offered by additive manufacturing, parts are ready after only 3 days, with an 85% reduction in time and 94% in costs.

Another benefit of this new engineering approach is that it significantly reduces the weight of the finished component, now weighing only 1 kg compared to 15 kg.

SPRING Srl for production excellence

Spring Srl has been using additive manufacturing technologies for 20 years and its technical staff is the driving force behind the company. The technical skills which Spring brings to the table mean it can co-design components with its clients to deliver the best possible technological solutions.

Parts produced using FDM technology are of such a high quality standard they can be used repeatedly in production lines. Furthermore, top-performance production systems guarantee the quality of the manufactured parts and the repeatability of batches, as well as compliance with the requested specifications.



FDM automation industry

Spring Srl’s portfolio of plastics is extensive and some of the most effective materials it uses include: Ultem 9085, Ultem 1010, Nylon 12 CF, ABS-ESD7 and PEKK.

ULTEM 9085: Thermoplastic with a specific weight of 1.34, V0 flame-retardant, self-lubricating and certified for use in the aerospace industry.

ULTEM 1010: Thermoplastic with a specific weight of 1.27, V0 flame-retardant, high heat resistance (up to 216° C).

NYLON 12 CF: Thermoplastic with a blend of Nylon 12 and 35% carbon, specific weight of 1.15 and flexural strength of 142 MPa. Ideal for producing lightweight but very strong production equipment.

ABS-ESD7: Thermoplastic with static dissipative properties and a specific weight of 1.04. ABS-ESD7 prevents a build-up of static electricity and stops fine particles and powders sticking to it.

PEKK: Thermoplastic with very high chemical resistance and MIL-STD-810G certification. It is recommended for the automotive, aerospace, railway and oil and gas sectors to manufacture parts which come into contact with oil, fuel and hydraulic fluid.

To learn more about the materials used by Spring Srl, click here.

To sum up, choosing Spring Srl’s cutting-edge production systems and materials, combined with its outstanding know-how, will give you the edge over your competitors, thanks to new innovative solutions.

Fabio Gualdo
6 November 2019

Over the next couple of years, passenger traffic will grow exponentially, forcing airlines to order thousands of new aircraft.

Major investments will be made primarily in innovating interiors. The solutions will not only offer passengers a positive flight experience but will also meet construction standards in terms of sturdiness, cost-effectiveness and reduced weight.

Interiors: the main areas of development
Peacock Suites by Paperclip Design can be transformed from a suite with two bedrooms into a family room with bunkbeds.

Redesigning interiors will lead to the creation of new modules for cabins, seating, onboard kitchens and bathrooms. The innovations will also include the air conditioning, electric, electronic cabin management, drinking water and waste systems.

Another interesting area of development is the in-flight entertainment and connectivity market. This sector includes software and design aimed at entertaining passengers as they travel.

The “windows” in the centre suites of the Emirates’ B777-300ERs are actually displays.
The dawn of a new age

Unlike other sectors, such as the consumer electronics market, whose regulations are less stringent, the aerospace industry is rather conservative. However, we are at the dawn of a new age which is witnessing widespread implementation of innovative technologies.

According to Airbus, amongst others, 3D printing will have a revolutionary effect on the sector. So, it is no surprise to learn that the company has introduced more than 2,700 3D-printed plastic parts in its A350 XWB.

3D printing with FDM technology

FDM technology is a 3D printing process. Thermoplastic material is heated and goes from a solid to a semi-liquid state, enabling adjacent layers to be welded together. The FDM technology used by Spring S.r.l gives a significant reduction in time, weight and costs compared to producing the same parts using more conventional methods. Furthermore, 3D printing can produce highly complex geometries. This technology opens up a new world of possibilities, meaning engineers can completely rethink every single object. These important benefits have caught the attention of the aerospace industry.

Spring S.r.l: the number one partner for the aerospace industry

Companies can benefit from the wealth of knowledge, know-how and expertise Spring S.r.l has built up in over 20 years in the additive manufacturing business. The level of excellence achieved by Spring in manufacturing parts for the aerospace industry has led to the company being awarded AS9100:2016 certification, designed to meet the strict requirements of the sector.

Choosing the experience of Spring gives companies the edge over their competitors, allowing them to place innovative products with high added value on the market.

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